Who am I? No – Seriously! If you have any thoughts about the kind of person I am, let me know! And if you have any requests, leave a comment.

If I happen to violate some intellectual/copyright law please let me know and I will be happy to cease and desist. Please don’t sue me- I am poor!

If I happen to write anything that offends, I apologise in advance. I don’t know the line till I cross it! But remember to keep a sense of humor and an open mind when reading this blog.

Finally although I am trustworthy, I insist that you have a healthy level of skepticism about anything you may read here. Like with anything these days, one must always research ”facts” for oneself. If I have made any mistakes regarding the facts in my musings here- please point it out. Leave a comment!

I am no expert on anything- this blog is just a way for me to track my own personal voyage from ignorance to some level of understanding of the world around us…


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